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I couldn’t figure out how to get this to you, Marina Kanavaki directly, but I thought you’d be interested, as it explains the science behind the watercolor art at which you excel.

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My First Walk

toddling baby steps

my first walk around the lake

even old women are faster

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My “Lost” Relative

I found this tintype in an old family album. But there was no information about him.

What I’ve learned so far is he’s wearing a Berden’s sharpshooter frock coat. The three chevrons on each sleeve with the white star in the middle denote that he was a Sargeant Major in the second? division. The Eighth Corps had no official insignia but the men adopted the 6-sided star by the summer of 1864. The Yellow stripe on each sleeve designated 5 years calvary service in the Civil war.

After a day of internet search, I have not been able to find his belt buckle or the symbols on his forage cap. Although, now that I think about it, the two dots are probably numbers. I’m still trying to figure out what the boat looking thing below them is. If anyone out there can help me with where to look for his name or the meaning of the above, I would appreciate it!

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Family legend has it that we are related to the Wright Brothers. I had not been able to find the connection until yesterday when Family Search sent me a link to the chart above! Family Search is fantastic. And free!

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The neighbors. (look past the obvious)

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The nature of pride, and it’s ruin, is to think, speak, or act as if oneself were better than others.

The nature of humility and its salvation, is the thought, speech, and act to become better than one was.

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Gave Up The Wheelchair

I had mixed feelings about returning my wheelchair today.

It enabled me to get around easier.

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Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

I thought  those days when I wished time would pass were behind me.

But I find myself thinking:

If 4 hours were up, I could take my next pain pill.

If 12 to 24 hours were up, the nerve block would wear off and my arm wouldn’t be so flippity-floppy.

If 12 days were up, Doc would get me out of these dressings.

If 3 to 6 months passed, all those days of painfully stretching ligaments, and muscle aches from exercising would pass behind me.

Whose bright idea was time anyway?

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The Fall

I don’t remember the fall, only bits and pieces surrounding it

I remember the impression earlier in the day that I should keep my cellphone in my back pocket in case there was an emergency.

I remember just before, being on top of the 22 foot ladder and leaning to the left trying to carefully rope it around the tree to secure it.

The next thing I remember was coming to, laying on the ground and seeing my left wrist before me with the jagged bones sticking out of it. I was able to place my right hand  under it and flopping it up an inch and thinking, “Yep, it’s broken.” Strangely it didn’t hurt. Nothing did.

I thought of my cell phone in my left hand back pocket and thought, it wasn’t going to be easy getting it with my good right hand.

At that point I passed out again.

I came to in the ambulance. I asked the EMTs if they would please call my wife Laurie and let her know what happened. They said yes.

I passed out again.

Forward to a month or so later, I remembered trying to decide if I should call my son David who was playing video games in the basement.

And having thoughts that I didn’t know if I’d be able to make more than one phone call, as he may not hear me and I didn’t want to risk him move me and injuring me further while trying to help

So I apparently called 911.

Sometime during the ambulance ride I had asked the EMTs to call David and ask him to look around the base of the tree to see if he could find my glasses. (This would be the first time he heard anything about the accident.)

He said that when he looked where I lay, all of the clothes I had been wearing had been cut off me and were lying at the base of the  tree.

It would not be until after the surgery that I would wake up in the ICU.

A couple months later I would finally learn the extent of the damage:

Broken bones in my left forearm.

A broken rib.

Two fractured vertebrae

A fractured sacrum

A fractured Coccyx

Pelvic open book fracture.

Hematoma  in my right leg

And some elephant man type swelling of man parts that I won’t go into.

The moral of all this?

Always have a spotter when using a ladder.

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July 25th

July 25th,
was the day I almost left this Earth,
and you behind,
after falling most heavily upon it.

Who would have thought
that a mere accident
could claim the life of an immortal?

I look around the garage,
this house,
my den.

And see tools,
and things,
that only have meaning for me.

What a mess
I would have left
for you to clean up.

And all the additional responsibilities
you would have had to assume.

I am so, so sorry
that I put you through all this.

And cry,
embarrassing both of us,
with tears of gratitude
for your tender kindnesses since then.

And smile/grimace through tears,
when you in anger say,
that if I ever did  something  like that again,
you would kill me.

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