To Love A Friend

How much harder it must be

to love a friend

when you know

they’ve betrayed you.

Sometimes words are all we have to offer.
And even when they are not enough,

expressing so,
will appease a forlorn heart.

My First Walk

toddling baby steps

my first walk around the lake

even old women are faster

My “Lost” Relative

My “Lost” Relative

I found this tintype in an old family album. But there was no information about him.

What I’ve learned so far is he’s wearing a Berden’s sharpshooter frock coat. The three chevrons on each sleeve with the white star in the middle denote that he was a Sargeant Major in the second? division. The Eighth Corps had no official insignia but the men adopted the 6-sided star by the summer of 1864. The Yellow stripe on each sleeve designated 5 years calvary service in the Civil war.

After a day of internet search, I have not been able to find his belt buckle or the symbols on his forage cap. Although, now that I think about it, the two dots are probably numbers. I’m still trying to figure out what the boat looking thing below them is. If anyone out there can help me with where to look for his name or the meaning of the above, I would appreciate it!

Family legend has it that we are related to the Wright Brothers. I had not been able to find the connection until yesterday when Family Search sent me a link to the chart above! Family Search is fantastic. And free!

Happy New Year!

The neighbors. (look past the obvious)

Pride and Humility

The nature of pride, and it’s ruin, is to think, speak, or act as if oneself were better than others.

The nature of humility and its salvation, is the thought, speech, and act to become better than one was.

Gave Up The Wheelchair

I had mixed feelings about returning my wheelchair today.

It enabled me to get around easier.


Ligaments love it short,

As short as they can be.

So if you do not stretch them,

they’ll tighten up you’ll see.

Then when you go to use them,

They’ll complain vociferously.

There is no way around it.

Stretch them you must do.

Or else they’ll never work for you.

Once you think you’ve stretched them,

They’ll trick you wait and see.

For when you are not looking,

They revert most happily.

So stretch them to your will.

Do so continually,

It takes a couple weeks I guess,

until they acquiesce.

Whose Idea Was It Anyway?

I thought  those days when I wished time would pass were behind me.

But I find myself thinking:

If 4 hours were up, I could take my next pain pill.

If 12 to 24 hours were up, the nerve block would wear off and my arm wouldn’t be so flippity-floppy.

If 12 days were up, Doc would get me out of these dressings.

If 3 to 6 months passed, all those days of painfully stretching ligaments, and muscle aches from exercising would pass behind me.

Whose bright idea was time anyway?

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