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If we do not linger abed upon awakening,

and dwell upon our dreams,

we run the risk of not hearing/

not heeding their synopsis and interpretation

by their director and producer.

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In Anishinabe it would be…Mino Noos Giizhigad

Mē·nō Nūs Gē·zhē·gŭd: Happy (My) Father’s Day!


Dear Dad,

You would have been 90, and still going strong today, if you hadn’t smoked.


your son.


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Sorry, got distracted that last post: Now where was I? Oh, yes.

When I said that while many had the same name as the others, what I meant was, just like you might be named Jane Smith, there are many Jane Smiths in the world. So it is with the Mitsha Manidoog. You would understand if I said that there were many Mosquitoes in the world.  Or that Promiscuity bred like flies. Or, well, … that Flies bred like flies. So it was with the Mitsha Manidoog.

And when I said that the Mitsha Manidoog teamed up with each other in fiendish ways, I meant that Fly would team up with Virus, (which included his  Mitsha cousin Bacteria) to produce all sorts of Dis-ease among the Anishinabeg.

The Mitsha Council was convened in order not only to introduce the members who had risen to prominence to each other, but to brainstorm diabolical ways in which they could torture the Anishinabeg.

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Oh, you ask, what is the council of the maji manidoog?

Up to this point, I have been mentioning what Maji Manidoo has been saying in the council, but perhaps I have been getting ahead of myself.

In the old days, the most powerful evil manidoos were chosen for their apparent strength. But nowadays what was needed to distract The People, was strength plus insidiousness-or the ability to go undetected until it was too late. Therefore maji manido called his council together as an orientation session for the members who had come to prominence. They were:

Ezigaa¹, Oojii², Zagime³, Aakoziwi-manidozhens4, Ishkodewaaboo5, Asemaa6, Maji-mashkiki7, and Bishigwadis8.

Keep in mind, that while each may have been named for a different thing, they were spirits just like you and me, and just like you and me, many had the same name as the others.

Each had their own specialty to offer, and they often worked together to torment the Anishinabeg in creatively fiendish ways.


  1. Ezigaa  (ā·zĭ·găˊ)    Wood-tick
  2. Oojii     (ō·jēˊ)          Fly
  3. Zagime (să·gĭ·māˊ) Mosquito [They are many]
  4. Aakoziwi-manidozhens (ă·kō·zē·wē-mă·nē·do·zhānsˊ) Virus [Little spirit of illness]
  5. Ishkodewaaboo (ĭsh·kō·dāˊ·wă·booˊ) Alcohol
  6. Asemaa (ă·sā·măˊ) Tobacco
  7. Maji-mashkiki (mă·jĭˊ·măsh·kēˊ·kē) Street Drugs [Bad Medicine]
  8. Bishigwadis (bĭ·shē·gwăˊ·dĭs) Promiscuity/Impurity/Foolishness [+nin= I am promiscuous, etc.]

*My apologies for the loose translation

**My thanks to the people who wrote:

“The Ojibwe Medical Dictionary”
The Yahoo Forum “Ojibwe Language Society Miinawaa”
“A Concise Dictionary of Minnesota Ojibwe”
“Dictionary of the Otchipwe Language”
“The Ojibwe People’s Dictionary”.

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The Bagwajiwininiwug  have always advocated that seven smaller meals a day were better for your health, rather than the typical 3 huge meals that most of The Anishinabeg eat.  Their larger European counterparts, called “Hobbits”, describe these meals in  “The Lord of the Rings” as:

1st Breakfast
2nd Breakfast


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I forsook the primal diet of the Anishinabeg
and the path of moderation,
nuts and berries and natural foods
in their natural concentrations
in their times and seasons.

In my ignorance and hubris
I drank the White Man’s liquids,
so sweet with promise but empty of sustenance.

I squandered good money on his poisons
because their concentration made them rich in flavor,
and their portions were generous.

I did not listen to the wise elders,
nor the inner Voice of Gizhi Manidoo.

Now I am always hungry and thirsty
and after I have gorged myself, I am left wanting more.

In the winter I did not emerge from hibernating in my lodge
I did not stretch forth from my slumber.
I grew corpulent
because I would not exercise my rights to participate
in the daily and seasonal rituals of The People.

When I noticed the signs  of turning,
it was already five years too late.
My body began betraying me.

At first the arches of my feet felt a refreshing and novel coolness,
then later tingled,
and later burned with hot pins and needles.

I could not walk through my beloved forest,
because the bones of my toes felt like breaking.

My feet were on fire.
They were beset by festering sores.

Now I stump around
because my feet are cut off and I am numb.

I have become blinded as well.

Over the years
I have forgotten the ways of my people.
I have grown not to care…
about anything.

I have forgotten about every one,
as cobwebs grow within my mind.

I cannot do the simplest tasks.
I cannot even feed myself.
I have grown to be…
less than an animal.

They sit me in the light,
and I am sometimes lulled by music,
although I cannot tell you why.

I am alone.

Do not fear me, oh Anishinabeg.
I cannot hurt you.
Disease will eventually take me.

Fear becoming me.

For if you become me,
Mitsha Manidoo, will have won.

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Up to this point I have never re-blogged a post, (considering such a thing to be cheating). In this case, I thought Lori’s blog was so good that I’d make an exception. Enjoy.

Lori Potter

As we rapidly approach the end of 2012, I believe now is a good time to focus on something big.  What I’m talking about is an issue so deep and dark that it has plagued my community for at least twenty years.   It’s the root of many reasons why so many people are emotionally disconnected and refuse to attend meetings, volunteer, or have generally anything productive to do with the tribe whatsoever.  Yes, folks, it’s high time I address the elephant in the room because frankly, he’s been toying with my community for far too long.

I’m talking about…


Oh yes…a lot of crap can happen in twenty years.  There is indeed a list reasons why people feel the way they feel, and that list is very long.  It includes:

  • broken promises,
  • false assumptions of life-long prosperity spoon-fed to multiple generations,
  • secrecy,
  • political manipulation,
  • financial misleading,
  • threats to remain blindly…

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