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Every spring,

fae Dutchmen flock to free these fancy breeches

from my forest fronds.

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I was surprised to find
I dreampt of you last night.

Suffice to say
in looking for your own
I found you reading in your sacred space.

We met as friends
but my profession of wanting more too soon,
led to your exit from the room.

Normally a dream would have ended there, but

I was surprised to find,
I saw you once again!

And in looking for my own
I found you curled up reading
in another sacred space.

And upon seeing me,
I watched you in your haste of flight
to find another place,

I was saddened by regret,

that true intimacy is shared,
not taken.

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The One Day

Sitting on my porch rocker
listening to the frogs’ spring chorus
enjoying the one day
between last night’s hail
and the beginning of mosquito season.

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A world away,
in another time,
and in my callow youth,
I returned to the land
of my inheritance…
and left a friend behind,

in an older age,
regret blooms
from the fertile soil of memory.

Where is that friend?
Did they realize their hopes and dreams?

I realize now, that there is no thing
more important in the eternities
than our association.

I will try to transcend time
and sift through the Earth
to reconnect.

If it pleases them.

Dedicated to:

Osamu Ujita Kyodai 1981 (Not pictured)

and the following.

Ukie Ueyama Shimai 1981
Fumiyo Sugiyama Shimai 1981
Misako Fujiwara Shimai 1981

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So many souls,
voices crying out.

See me!

Hear me!

Feel for me!

Will others pause their journey through this crowd, in this busy world,

long enough to notice you,

one human being, among the

and performers,

whom chance has revealed,

as you vie for the attention of a kindred spirit?

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The rushing of the wind

ruffles the feathers of my soul.

And makes me yearn to crouch and leap and slip my earthly tethers,

unfurl my spiritual wings

and by thought alone,

to navigate the heavens.

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The Sins of the Mouth


Ugly words

are the sins of the mouth.

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