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It would not be appreciated,

if you were not with me

to enjoy it.

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Is it wrong

to want the person you love

to remain the same forever?

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Silvery moon beams

Silvery moon beams

awaken me

far too early

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an ember of the sun.

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stratus clouds embrace Lanai

silhouettes before a setting sun

their edges chiaroscuro

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Wings that can’t be seen

iridescent blues and greens

tiny hummingbird



Is it Anishinabe haiku

because an Anishinabe wrote it,

or is it Anishinabe haiku

because of the subject?

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Crowing Incessantly

er-er-ER- errrrrrrrr

Crowing incessantly!

Someone shoot that rooster!

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Maple Leaves2




a silent fountain

 breath in abeyance

 Maple leaves in silver

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Had a chance to play with my new refrigerator poetry magnets this morning. The spaces between two words and their s is intentional, because they came as separate magnets. This is what I came up with.


green grass shimmer s up

frog song in a melt water field

tree s bloom early

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melting crusty snow

a well preserved body birthed

the Crows come calling

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