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This denizen is expertly camouflaged. Can you find it?

Hint: Tap the picture, scroll it up and click the i at the bottom, view full size to enlarge.

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Solitary cicada debutant

calling for a lover.

You will die a virgin.

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Every eve we take a walk.
The time when dog and I and nature talk.

With Plover’s song and bullfrog’s honk.
With rabbit’s graze and beaver’s swim,
rippling still pond’s mirror.

A bright full moon smiles down upon someone somewhere to the southeast,

suspended between the waning blue of day and indigo of night.

Occasional cicadas click-rasp in the grass.

Rose gold cloud punctuates the sky’s transition to the north,

and the dark, dark, green indistinguishable trees surround us in panoramic horizon.

Solitary ephemeral firefly lights arc impending night.

My soul is quiet.

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Rose Gold

Rose gold bare trees

bow toward the setting sun.

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Weatherboy says, “Still snowy”.

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The neighbors. (look past the obvious)

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Fungus Among Us

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It would not be appreciated,

if you were not with me

to enjoy it.

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Image was cropped and rotated. No other special effects added.

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In the Spring

even poison ivy looks pretty.

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