A Bear In Our Lair

I hear a bear growling in our lair.
Her rumble is everywhere!
It bounces off the walls and ceiling
leaving me unsettled feeling.

I can’t sleep.
Not a peep!

So I’m driven to my den
growling follows even then!

I hear it muted,
through floor and walls.
Smiling now the growling palls.

Now eyelids close,
and head drops down,
her growling pleasant susurround.


In Red Lake

I hear the crows converse,
I see the cloudy skies.

I feel it pleasantly cool outside,
in Red Lake.

How strange,

that I will miss the amusing sounds of the crows,
the melancholy overcast skies,
and the invigorating feel of the cool air,
when I return to someplace else
where I live.

Planetary full October moon,
radiant translucent through your veil of attendant cirrus clouds.

Setting upon the throne of your horizon.

Queen of the night star skies,
just before your transfer of power
to your husband, the sun.

Nothing compares to listening to the gentle susurrus of the rain outside

from the warm comfort of my bed,

first thing in the morning.

The Sound of the Wind

4:20 a.m.

As I step night-side,

I awaken and muse in her warm embrace.

I hear the sound of the wind

rushing through the trees

in Red Lake.

A Mystery Solved

I found this picture while searching for family photos at the Minnesota Historical Society way back in ’77. (1977, not 1877)

I managed to find out where I could write to Bob Hope at the time and sent him a copy, hoping that he might have some information about it. I received this letter from him along with my returned photo.
Bob Hope Letter
Mr. Hope couldn’t provide me with any new information except to suggest it may have been taken in a studio. (I was thinking Cali-for-nii-aa) but I was pleased nonetheless to have received a personal letter back along with his autograph!

I recently signed up for a five day free trial of Newspapers.com (I needed a credit card but was told how I could easily cancel my trial before the five days were up.)
During that period, I pretty much dedicated myself to looking up as many possible Ancestor references for myself and friends who were interested. I probably looked at a thousand possible articles and was rewarded with a score or more, which I “Clipped” and then downloaded. This was one of them.
Bob Hope and Ben Littlecreek at the Nicollet Hotel
Yep, same top hat, same sport coat, same two people. BINGO!!! Mystery solved.

Part of the article reads:

“Forever a gagster, Bob Hope invaded Minneapolis Monday. He put on a two-hour stage show in Minneapolis Auditorium. Sang a duet with Mayor Eric G. Hoyer, said nasty things about Bing Crosby, and was made an honorary Indian. Most of the shenanigans took place in Nicollet Hotel, where, among other things, the ski-nosed comedian attended a dinner put on by the Theadore Peterson American Legion Post.

*   *   *

In Picture below, Hope meets Chief Ben Littlecreek of the Red Lake Chippewa Indian Tribe. Hope made the Chief an honorary “Paleface”, from the movie by the same name.”

As a side note, I like Hope’s irony here. That’s the first time I’ve heard of an Indian being made an honorary Paleface!

All kidding aside, for you genealogy buffs out there, Try the Newspaper.com free Trial. It was worth it! (And, they actually made cancelling the trial easy!) All irony aside, I will pay for a subscription–which I can get for just one month if I want–should I need to research other ancestors in the future.

The Plot Thickens

Grampa Ben with unknown men

I revisited the blog post of the above picture (Grampa Ben and the Unknown Men) after viewing a newspaper  clipping I found on Newspapers.com


With this in mind, I emailed the Reference Librarian at the Minnesota Legislative Reference Library with a link to  the picture on a previous blog post. She replied, “… I do recognize the lamp posts – this photo was taken in the Minnesota State Capitol building.”

She gave me a number of leads, one of which yielded immediate results.  (Just because it was the only active link with a picture.) Turns out, the guy on the far left is Harvey N. Paulson, who served as Sergeant-at-arms for the Minnesota House of Representatives (among other responsibilities) for 5 bienniums from 1963 to 1972.
Harvey N. Paulson

I assume from the men wearing badges that they hold similar posts. From my research so far, I see there is also a Sergeant-at-arms for the Minnesota State Senate. And from Newspaper articles about other states, I see that there are also Assistant Sergeant-at-arms, whom I suppose the men in the back row to be. It will take a few more phone calls and probably a visit to the Minnesota Historical Society and the Minnesota State Capital, but I think I’ll be able to pin down the two bienniums Grampa Ben served there, in addition to the identities of the seven hitherto unknown men.

This investigation is fun! But what I think is most worthwhile, is the strengthening connection I feel as I discover this part of the path Grampa walked in life.

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