Loon Calls

Loon calls echo through the ghosts of Tamaracks

On Chain o lakes

The Crows Are Laughing

Trying to fix the mower deck
with hand tools and elbow grease.

The Crows are laughing.

Always Be A Littlecreek

Always be your self

unless you can be a Littlecreek.

Then always be a Littlecreek

Two Bars

Standing on the roof of my house,

trying to get two bars,

in Red Lake.

In Red Lake

A Black bear frosted with cinnamon sits on the side of the road.

An Eagle peers into the distance from her high perch over the shoreline.

Two geese bugle as they fly just over head,

against the background of a Minnesota blue-white sky,

in Red Lake.

The Wind Carries Me

The wind carries me

to Red Lake

Four Owls

This morning, amid the rose-red rays of the rising sun

and the sounds of the birds singing it to rise

and the sounds of traffic from a highway not seen but heard

the four owls surround my house and encourage me.

“Go to Red Lake.”


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